So my story begins as always, hitting your snooze button, taking a shower, and commute to work, where I was working by at the time had 2 major airports near by; one commercial, one military but spread out a majority (75 miles or so). Anywhos as I was just mere blocks away from parking I notice shade, like a lot more than there should be, when I left home it was sunny with mild clouds, now you’re telling me it’s gonna rain. No, I look up and I see a flying metal box with fiber optics, lights and other mechanical do-hickies attached. It was motionless and silent.

Some years after the event. I still don’t know what I saw, and I feel like I’m a bit stir crazy. First the elephant in the room, why didn’t you take a picture. As stated I was driving, and I don’t want to come up with any more excuses than I have to but work is a huge priority in my life less of better words. Second, are you sure it wasn’t a plane from one of the two airports. F**k no, I’ve been fortunate to ride in a plane to know that ain’t know plane. (EDIT; no it wasn’t a drone as well maybe a ufd) Third, could it be a publicity stunt, maybe, but I don’t recall any major ufo movie releases. Maybe for moonfall before it got pushed back due to COVID. Fourth, I wasn’t abducted how do you know it wasn’t a dream. Isn’t reality a dream? Fifth, are you telling me there’s aliens at the subway down the block from where they are hovering? I don’t know, I can’t be everything everywhere all at once. But I would assume no unless they had a good disguise on.

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