Last week I was running at the Lindale highschool track at about 10 and saw something mighty. You ever been at a concert so loud you feel the vibrations in your chest, thats what I felt but it was half as soft but very fast fluctuations and was even though my body and the sound was like a bird was far above my head flapping its wings. I immediately look up to see the 200 yard long and house thick green laser that didn’t illuminate the clouds surrounding it and contained a dozen house sized balls of “plasma?” within the beam. The balls were side by side within the beam and were definetly spinning. The color of it was so cliche like exactly how you’d imagine an alien lazer. (You know that scene in monster inc at restaurant that the kid runs around in and the hazmat guys put this force field around the building. Its that cliche of green) I only saw it for maybe one full second but I wasn’t high or anything saw it plan as day. I knew exactly what to do in response and spent the next mintue or two continuing running but flipping off the sky and waving at it so that if I was being watched atleast they knew I wasn’t just an animal in a zoo but a living man capable of original thought. These UFOs are getting so blatant its like they want to been seen.

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