The recent events have significantly improved the chances of NHI being here on our planet. It is also quite clear that the government is definitely hiding something from the people. It is no news that from time to time, the governments do act in the best interest of those who are in power, and not their people. For the same reason, so far this sub-reddit has assumed that the government not disclosing the involvement of NHI with the planet is because of all the wrong reasons such as power, and greed. The assumption is most likely correct.

But it might seem baffling to some people why the NHI haven’t made themselves known to us so far. The reason behind that maybe either they are acting like that in their self interest, or in the best interest of our own species, or both. I think that if a civilization manages to travel vast amounts of distance in space, it means they have harnessed a very powerful force beyond our understanding at the moment. It might have taken them hundreds of thousands of years to reach that point. In those years not only did they uncover these mysterious forces of the world, but also gained more insight into how the technologies powered by these forces interacted with their own society. This gradual development of technology must have prevented them from going down the wrong path.

For example, if we suddenly introduced all the technology we have right now to a human civilization in 500 A.D., how would they use that? At first, would they use it in the benefit of their civilization as a whole, or to destroy, manipulate and control each other? In the last 1500 years, it is clear that we have become more peaceful and now place a higher value on human life and rights. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that in 500 A.D. the technology would be in the wrong hands, and would be used for the wrong reasons just because they don’t understand the implication of their use of the technology.

Maybe the NHI see us in the same way. It might be clear to them that we cannot be trusted with their tech and the weapons that come with it. They might be waiting for us to evolve into some level of higher species with greater understanding of our own society. We are so far away from getting along with each other and still have a lot of internal conflict. If some governments have already reverse engineered the NHI tech, a good reason behind that maybe they don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands. They have decided to keep everything under wraps until a moment of crisis.

The matter of disclosure is not as black and white as it seems. It is a grey area. There seem to be both positive and negative consequences, and being put in the position to decide whether to disclose information maybe a hard one even if you have the people’s best interest in your heart. Am I the only one who thinks that way?

I am in no way anti-disclosure. I am just on the fence if that is truly what we want. We always discuss about the positive sides of disclosure on this sub-reddit, but for once let us think why it might be unfavorable for the human species as a whole.

What would be better overall for us? To rely on NHI to help us eradicate diseases, develop clean energy solutions etc to help us out of our misery. Or for humanity to pave our own path into the future that we can be proud of when we look back at our growth?

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