Anyone that has accompanied some of the events of this week and the last can notice that they have really dialed down on one thing: ridicule. And I think that this is extremely dangerous. They have focused on embarrassing Newsnation, discrediting Grusch, and spamming the government line.

I think we should be very wary and pragmatic in dealing with these goons, because I see this ilk as the system’s best hope. They will discredit, dismiss, demonize and bully people that have an interest in this subject and they will succeed if not confronted.

I may be credulous, but I think this is a concerted, organized effort.

So I say, let’s not dox Klipenstein, but it’s important to get his true character out there. Expose how he failed his sources in 2021. Or reveal that Steven Greenstreet is or used to be a hardcore racist.

The point I’m making is that this is a war of ideas and manipulation and they’re using any tactic in the book. Recognizing this reality is combatting their frontline and destroying the credibility of their mouthpieces within reasonable boundaries

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