I just finished it… it’s a smart book and was extremely interesting. Valleé asks a lot of challenging questions about the true nature of the phenomenon, versus the use of features of the phenomenon by others (e.g. intelligence agencies) to obfuscate other undisclosed activities.

There are a number of patterns that are highlighted and interrogated throughout the book that are playing out again now. This was written in around 1991, and yet the parallels drawn in the book are so similar to the events surrounding Grusch that they feel almost prescient. One major difference, however, is the adoption of more “woo” into the UFO lore being presented right now (i.e. transdimensional, shadow biomes, human consciousness, etc). Interestingly, Valleé Valleé speculates about these very features at the end of the book. I

t’s all enough to make me feel pretty cautious about everything that’s come out lately. I think that, as a community, we should do some deeper digging and more rigorous research (much like the team that posted their genetic analysis article on the mummies earlier today)

For those of you who have read it, what’s your take? For those I strongly recommend read

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