I’m not suggesting Lue is the absolute be-all and end-all of UFOlogy, only that sometimes I have found his answers to questions to be very specific and intentional and selective, which can sometimes be informative.

For example – in the past, people have asked him if he knows anything about electromagnetic-based weapon systems being used in attempts to down unknown aircraft, and he categorically refuses to answer. He doesn’t say “I don’t know”, or “No that’s ridiculous”, he very specifically says: I am going to go ahead and choose not to answer that specific question (or something along those lines).

What if someone like Coulthart asked him for his opinion on the plane/orb footage? Would it be informative if he absolutely refused to answer? Would he refuse to answer if he knew it was a legitimate video? He’s often referenced a “definitely real video” that he knew was on YouTube, but was never more specific than that (annoyingly).

Does anyone know if he’s been asked about this? I’ve tried using the search function on this subreddit but couldn’t come up with anything

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