This is going to be “woo”.

From a young age I’ve always been fascinated by the unknown. At the age of 14 I saw my first UFO, and by the time I was 16 I had begun the long journey upon the path of the occult. I have also always been mesmerized by science and space. Now some of the more “out there” theories about the Phenomenon get pretty wild, ranging from ancient terrestrial Lizard people to Light Beings from different dimensions. I’m not an advocate for any particular theory, as I don’t think there’s enough verifiable information about the subject to come to any real conclusions. I have, however, noticed parallels between certen aspects of the occult and “Magick”, that at least appear to correlate with the UAP phenomenon. The obvious one is Alister Crowley’s claim about summoning a creature called “Lam” who bears a striking resemblance to a stereotypical grey “alien”. He claimed it came from a different dimension and was in some ways like a djinn. There’s also multiple allusions to the Phenomenon being a lot weirder than just “little men from space”. Science and the occult seems like it wouldn’t be able to coexist, but one only needs to research Jack Parsons to know this isn’t the case. Indeed, science itself is rooted in the occult. What was an alchemist but a scientist of a different name?
The esoteric tradition also teaches of a hierarchy of spiritual beings belonging to different dimensions, stretching back to the “source”. We are all emanations of the same cosmic mind. Separation is an illusion. The UAPs people see that behave in strange ways could just be manifestations of consciousness. I would like to see what you lot make of this, no doubt some of you will scoff and dismiss it outright, but I have a feeling some will offer some interesting insights.

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