So, I remembered a physicist posted a blog regarding the UFOs at Groom Lake that Lazar was showing off to his friends. He claimed it was possibly a proton beam weapon in which the terminus of the beam would create a glowing orb. It sounded more plausible to me than the military flying commandeered UFOs around, and also explained why Lazar wasn’t rotting away in a federal cell somewhere for leaking classified info since he told his friend they were something they weren’t.

So, if there was this proton beam tech being tested out there in the 80s, there’s a possibility that they perfected it and attached it to a satellite for ICBM protection. What if the TicTac, Flir, Gofast and maybe the cubes in balls were all projections from this satellite? It would explain why they move so fast, since it’s essentially just repositioning a giant flashlight.

Here’s an update link to the blog post I mentioned. There’s a link to his original post in the first paragraph.

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