Help make list of recorded firsthand encounter military testimonies? Video proposal.

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TL;DR A compilation video with a firsthand interview of each recorded military/astronaut siting would be compelling. Does it already exist? If not, step one is making a list of said interviews.

Does there exist a list of ALL military personnel and astronauts that have been recorded (audio or video) detailing their FIRSTHAND UAP encounters? A video compilation containing an interview from EACH of these witnesses, preferably in chronological order (of their sitings) would be compelling data, especially considering that in order to discredit such testimony one must believe that either the witness:

Is not a competent observer. or Is lying.

I’ve only been researching the UAP topic for the past 2.5 months and have already seen a staggering amount of testimony from these respected professionals, but these interviews are strewn about numerous different videos. A COMPILATION of this video data would be powerful.

Should commercial pilot testimony make the list as well?

I realize there is strong data from non firsthand witnesses and from the non military/astronaut/pilot population, but by focusing on the aforementioned professionals, it essentially requires their doubters to say they’re full of shit despite these witnesses’ respected positions and, furthermore, by focusing on recorded testimony it dispels doubt of such testimony being faked. The average person would be the target audience.

The number of persons that have given testimony is extremely relevant; 3 or 4 people might be easy to write off, but dozens or more? What is the actual number of these professionals that certain government officials and NASA are deeming incompetent or liars?

I don’t know the first thing about video editing so if the video I’ve described doesn’t already exist, I implore someone with the skills to make it. The first step should be compiling the list of interviews. Hopefully copyright is not a roadblock.

I will add that, as someone who hasn’t been researching this for a long time, I think I have a better view of how this topic appears to the average layperson that stumbles upon it, compared to those of you that have been immersed in it for years, and I’m surprised that the video I’ve described doesn’t exist, or that my search skills are shit.

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