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Hi I copied here a text from my comments, since they did not seem to get traction but I think this data could explain a lot from this case. So trying to share it as a post.

Original comment edit 2: Found TLE for March 8th 2014: and If it is correct, then the video is fake as from what I tried the USA 184 could not reach the point it would see the plane in such angle given the sun location. (Althoug I still dont have any knowledge if I processed it correctly or how good are this data).

Original comment: I found the TLE data of USA 184 around 28th Feb and 18th Mar 2014 here:

Also some TLE files with description and brief discussion about the spy satellites position issue are linked in the parent dir:

I tried to setup the scene for it from the historical data in JSatTrak software and just to be sure checked the sun orientation at the time with

My current results with this data probably won’t make happy any side of fake/real.

I picked time at 08 Mar 2014 00:19 UTC – the plane turning at those coordinates, sun and location of satellite seem to support the shadows and video we’ve seen. However, USA 184 field of view ends just right above where the coordinates are. However again, the coordinates about spy satellites are not good for some calculation and TLE information is not reliable long run..

I have tried to understand it and put it together this evening. So please do not take it as the final outcome of “satellite data debunk” and rather try it yourself. – I think all of us would be happy if we could clearly prove it is fake..

Also here are two interesting articles I found while looking for it:

Maybe contacting the blogger directly would be helpful…

Also just some other thing I seen someone reference, but couldn’t find it afterwards:

another colored wing mounted sensor

Original comment edit 1: I’ve just seen if the videos are real, there should be another couple hours of flight path, so my conclusions are invalid.

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