The point of this is to not use it to “debunk” the videos. The point is about the tremendous and necessary burden of proof.

If this triple UFO video is real, it represents the single greatest thing that has ever happened in all of history, without question. It means that an indescribably powerful, overwhelmingly curious and meddling alien force kidnapped a jetliner, in an incredibly public way, and the leaders of the entire world worked in tandem to hide the video proof — except for one random dude on social media, who leaked the videos on youtube several weeks after the event — videos which represent a watershed moment i. history yet are somehow, bizarrely, despite the massively meticulous global conspiracy to cover this up, available to view today!

The point of posting this article is to showcase how conspiracy theories work: they take a mystery, add several layers of factual data, draw conclusions, and paint a beautiful whiteboard diagram of the entire conspiracy.

I am not saying UAPs are a conspiracy. I think there is way too much data to the contrary to pick that as the most logical option. But a lot of people, a whole hell of a lot, are all sure they knew what happened to that flight. And they can back up their arguments.

The point is to demonstrate why the burden of proof in regards to this video needs to be so high. It needs to be immaculate — because again, if it’s true, this is the craziest thing that’s ever happened. Period.

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