I just recorded this at 9:07PM local Yuma Arizona near the 24th and 14th Ave intersection. I saw a very bright low altitude orb suddenly appear flying north bound with a very bright illumination almost creating a circular halo around. It then dimmed and vanished. I swear I saw a sudden acceleration as the orb vanished. The skies are relatively clear with no cloud cover. I turned to go get my wife. As I ran back I again saw a orb appear randomly overhead with the same halo effect this time moving more quickly and suddenly vanishing. All within maybe two seconds. I was so freaked out I didn’t s even think to raise my camera. I’ve been seeing numerous high altitude lights moving irregularly tonight. Sudden stops. Slow movements followed by sudden acceleration followed by a 90 degree turn. All of this activity is flying north bound towards Globe AZ. Let me know if you’ve seen similar things in the AZ Skies tonight.

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