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I wanted to share my perspective on a captivating connection I’ve noticed within Hinduism, my own religion, with NHI. Here’s what’s been on my mind:

Hindu Gods: Skyborne Non-Humans

In Hinduism, our deities like Brahma, Vishnu, and Indra are often portrayed as beings from the heavens, not regular humans.

Their stories depict them residing on other planets, looking down on Earth, and guiding and aiding humans.

Vishnu’s avatars like Rama and Krishna are the only “human avatars” he took on earth. That means he is not human.

Fascinating Imagery and Technology

The imagery in Hindu texts catches my eye: cone-shaped headpieces resembling helmets, and outfits that could pass as futuristic suits.

Stories often describe interdimensional travel, reminiscent of sci-fi concepts we see today.

Advanced Weapons and Battles

Hindu myths mention “astras,” advanced weapons used in wars, suggesting a level of technological advancement.

The sculptures of gods holding weapons might symbolize advanced sophistication of tools or devices.

Aliens vs. Gods Perception

It’s interesting that we accept divine non-human entities in our tradition but approach the idea of aliens/NHI with skepticism.

Parallelism and Curiosity The parallels between gods and aliens in Hinduism are striking – advanced technology, interplanetary interactions, and more.

Let’s consider that our ancestors might have been hinting at more than just myths. But Why do we easily embrace non-human gods but struggle to entertain the possibility of aliens life?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 🌌🤔

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