I was just looking at the posts regarding the thermal airliner and just like me,others were also shocked,that if it’s fake,it’s one hell of a person behind the video and if it’s real,holy shit.

This was also the first time I’ve seen people say that they “don’t wanna believe anymore”.

Like how far would be too far? Is it really possible for the US government to classify videos which have UFOs interacting with their jets at close proximity filmed in high definition?

Or to have videos of your jets going down because the EW capabilities of UFOs far exceed anything that your engineers could come up with in the next 30 years? To accept,that yes,there is something against which we are powerless and there’s not one thing we can do about that? The US enjoys its status quo as the leading superpower of the world,so it’s difficult to admit that you have an adversary a thousand times more advanced than you.

Think for a minute.

Just how crazy does your evidence have to be to hide it from everyone for decades and to make the topic a taboo to discuss among people?

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