Speculation about the possibility of alien-human hybridization is not new, see for example:

On The Subject Of Humans Having Children With Aliens : scifi (reddit.com)

Space aliens are breeding with humans, university instructor says. Scientists say otherwise. (nbcnews.com)

Theories of genetics and evolution have been contrary to such speculations. Carl Sagan once implied that “humans would have a better chance to successfully mate with a petunia than with aliens,” and he was equally skeptical about the possibility of alien abductions. Basically, the argument runs that we humans are too adapted to our earth-friendly biology with our particular DNA that is too distant from the biology of hypothetical extraterrestrials; we could never breed across this barrier.

However, this accounting of genetics and evolution is based on the highly gene-centric description that derives from the modern synthesis (Mendelian genetics and Darwinian evolution). However, that old school accounting of our evolution is becoming less and less plausible, see for example:

Why did Darwin’s 20th-century followers get evolution so wrong? | Aeon Essays : Akashic_Library (reddit.com)

Why Dawkins is wrong | Denis Noble : Akashic_Library (reddit.com)

The driver of evolution is thus murky and unspecified by our traditional science. Our account of evolution have tended to be limited to vertical DNA transfer, but it may be more related to a horizontal integration. And that brings up the possibility of an emotive driver that is the middle way between competition and cooperation, making the possibility of human symbiogenesis with aliens. See this definition of symbiogenesis in biological terms:

Symbiogenesis – An Evolution Definition : Akashic_Library (reddit.com)

Jacques Vallée described a control system (in his book Dimensions) to give a possible explanation for the UFO phenomenon; see Jacques Vallée’s Control System : Akashic_Library (reddit.com). But such a system implies a symbiotic relationship, as there must be benefits to the controlled as well as for the agents doing the controlling. Otherwise, the overlords would just have their way with us and not bother with control.

What we humans relate to is only a small part of total reality. The visual spectrum of light is a narrow band of what is available, for example. By analogy, what we give witness to are mere shadows and outlines on the walls of Plato’s cave (See Plato’s Republic), and the broader reality is veiled to us. Hence, there could be something greater that is beyond us, and all of us are in need of controls that are mutually beneficial for the greater whole. We might as well be living in a simulation, and some have advanced like speculation.

Bob Lazar said that aliens see humans as “containers,” see The “Containers” theory : UFOs (reddit.com). If biological cells coopted mitochondria and brought them into the body per symbiogenesis, would the mitochondria also be seen as containers from the point of view of the cell? Is not Lazar’s container theory the same as the symbiogenesis that is already well described by biology?

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