So it’s blatantly obvious that nefarious dark forces, are they the DoD, intelligence community, pmc, senators, private industry, who knows who ‘they’ are, but they are powerful bullies that think they are above everyone else and certainly entitled to fuck over a decorated service man like Grusch, who quite frankly is the type of patriot that should be celebrated not only because he came forward because he feels this information would benefit all humankind but because he went to hell and back and has the t’shirt to prove it.

So now that we know 100% ‘they’ are dirty mofo’s and potentially won’t stop at killing you or hurting your family, then what can be done to protect me, a hypothetical whistleblower that has firsthand experience of uap reverse engineering?

I want to come forward but I am scared!!

Can congress ratchet up the whistleblower policies and not only increase the level of protection akin to a witness protection program but also go hell hath no fury in the speed, ferocity and impact of their prosecution of the ones doing all the smearing and killing.

Let’s go.

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