I feel like a small and focused group could make a difference in our push for disclosure

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Many of my friends, family and acquaintances have asked me about the UAP Phenomena this year.

My sister in law, who just had a new baby, questioned me all dinner about the UAP momentum. She asked my opinion and everything that I know about the subject. I gave relevant cases, people involved and their credibility. She asked if I had ever considered writing a newsletter as much of her family are also asking the same questions but just don’t have the time to dig into this.

While News Nation, the Debrief and The Hill are doing outstanding work, I think there could be more being done. This is the single most important issue of our lifetimes and could drastically alter the course of our species.

Why did my sister in law ask me to start something, I was the Editor in Chief of a international literary journal in 2012. This is how the journal worked. We received submissions from around the world and would sort stuff from bad to stuff that had potential. Each round weeded out submissions until we had the cream of the crop. Those would be published and the process would start over again. It was very fun and I think a similar model could be easily replicated. There is already amazing work being done, it just needs to be polished and disseminated in a way the general public can engage with.

I started my own company after and I have quite a bit of free time that I want to channel into bringing more legitimacy to this subject. Here are a few ideas I have.

A reoccurring newsletter/website with a weekly or biweekly publication. Would require a group to meet, discuss topics, vet material, and begin to put out a publication. As there is so much info available I believe you would have to ease the public into some of the heavier topics down the road. Comprehensive videos in shorter formats. Many of the videos I find on the subject are really long and often unfocused and hard to watch. I believe there are many on reddit that have much to offer and just need a way to participate. There are also large amounts of videos that haven’t even been widely seen. I think even a compilation of videos each month of the best UFO videos would drive interest. Social media to further drive interest. Podcasts released with the newsletter with the team discussing the stories and background material that is relevant.

I am willing to dedicate my time, energy and money into something like this. I feel like it could make a difference in our push for disclosure. I am also aware there are many things I don’t know, don’t have the talent to accomplish, and cant prove. I am also not trying to take away anything from this sub, I want to enhance it and try to bring professionalism to a subject that often is lacking in it.

Please let me be clear. I don’t want your money, I don’t want to be famous, and I would prefer you never hear my name. This isn’t about me or trying to steal the limelight, I want to contribute the best way I can, building and managing communities focused on achieving incredible things.

The point of this post is to gage interest in the community, coordinate efforts and put out quality work I can share with people I care about.

Any feedback is welcomed. If you want to participate in any way please message me.

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