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So I live in America in the south and last night I first saw this row of lights being shot UPWARDS at a maybe like 45 degree angle into the sky. I’ve seen videos of tracer rounds being shot before so I immediately recognized and thought it was that. I was able to get some photos (I ’ll post on my profile I guess?) after that I texted my bf the photos (at 9:24pm) at (9:28pm) I texted “ooo there’s a chopper or somethin now” and the reason I said “or something” was because it didn’t exactly look like a chopper and it was like not chopper LOUD at all. So I just figured more military testing. And it flew off behind the hill towards where the lights seemed to be shot from so I didn’t think about it as much. The lights that shot up scared the crap out of me and I didn’t even know if I should have taken those photos so I was sitting there watching kind of worrying if I saw something I shouldn’t have when I heard this buzzing whooshing sound and saw a penetrating blue light like flickering and morphing as it was flying toward my direction but it literally came from no where there was the sound then they started to just appear. It wasn’t like a “blink and youll miss it” situation it was continuously basically morphing into existence when it wasn’t all spherical, it’s shape was what I could make out as a really sharp jet? Like I could see the sharp edges behind that really bright blue light but only sometimes (btw the color was completely white sometimes but the blue took over the most like it would flash and flicker while changing colors. But that craft seemed mostly blue )I remember saying “oh shit” and then saying “OH SHIT” and seeing an ominous hazy, red light lower behind the trees the blue one was high and very visible. It moved and stopped completely still in the sky. I didn’t know what the red was so I was freaking out hard-core then I see a orange-y red craft. And I MEAN not orange not red this was both a vibrant orange and vibrant darker red neon like light that swarmed together at the same time kind of but also I have an astigmatism so I couldn’t see exactly how the lights moved but I saw enough to want to get the fuck out of there. I was frozen in fear tbh :/ so I was hiding myself a little behind our porches support beams and just watching. I saw how they moved whiled they were like fucking appearing from thin air but it was nothing compared to they when they started to actually move around I wouldn’t even call it flying it was as if the environment had no affect on how the crafts could move they could go up and down and side to side they were SO FAST and so so smooth but I freaked out when the blue one stopped in place completely still not moving at all but still in the sky. And I don’t want to hear shot about me not getting a photo of the crafts bro that was soooooo scary!!!!!!!! And besides I already thought it was a bad idea I got photos of the first thing cus the government is scary and while I was watching I had the urge to try and take pictures but I kept thinking like that is really stupid if something I’m not suppose to see this . I basically got inside as fast as I could and recorded a video of myself saying everything I just saw the second I got inside so I would have every detail before I could forget anything important (that has my face so I don’t wanna post it but I guess maybe the audio) this all must have happened within 3-4 minutes (Note maybe the tracer lights were actually Elon musks satellite train?)

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