After the most recent hearing, a lot of people were saying, “Great, there’s aliens. Still got bills to pay”.

One of my ongoing theories about “why” they didn’t disclose everything immediately, or shortly thereafter, is because the nuclear arms race simultaneously determined our eligibility for galactic assimilation (call it what you will), and prolonged disclosure bc we were in the middle of a few bloody wars and decided to flex with bombs instead of revolutionize/scale our power tech.

It may be purely circumstantial in that we split the atom while couple of world wars were raging making everyone wanting to have a finger on “the button”; not a great time for the Arcturians & Friends to show up, as someone would have likely nuked them.

People forget (especially the west) that we’re a planet of one people and that one bad apple (or 5 bad apples) spoil the bunch. Needless to say, humans are collectively worked up over a bunch of stupid, xenophobic, unverified shit: religion, borders, money, status, etc.

I’m also convinced that humans have no real control over WHEN it happens, however humans can increase the likelihood of being inducted into the special, galactic, after-school, good-time-family-federation. I’m guessing it’s usually as simple as saying, “Hi, hello, we’re ready”; but no, thanks a lot Axis of Evil.

So back to the title: We’re so close to some kind of forced-disclosure, and what with global unrest, it’s likely that it will be pandemonium, but not in a fun, sexy way. So what can global powers do to prepare? Give us free energy and hoverboards.

I’m pretty sure those Salvitor Pais Navy patents were made deliberately available (theDrive article from a few years back) in order to get ideas out there: warp bubbles/wormholes, room-temp superconductors, nuclear fusion; eg, we have free power/anti-gravity. Aaaaand they make it look so simple – it’s like it was right under our noses this whole time (which it very well may have been).

Either way, if “they” want to win me over before they publicly shit their pants, maybe reduce my bills and give me hover skates.

**edit: FREE hover skates

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