When i was 10, me and my friend where walking and talking like, kids did before phones existed like they do today, we had a weird cold breeze pull our shirts up from behind, weird thing is, it was 25 celcius that day, so it was genuinely insanely warm, so we where genuinely confused as hell as the gust of wind felt cold as crazy and the lack of any sound at all for five seconds, as we where in a area that was right next to a extremely busy road, so all sound stopping for five seconds was genuinely terrifying beyond what i even now can comprehend, like i have still not felt anything that cold abd soundless, and i was once outside in -30 celcius for two hours once, and even that failed to be even a Fifth as cold as that five second event was, weirdest thing is, my friend has genuinely said that i am clearly lying every time since it happened when i bring it up!, and he was literaly there when it happened 14 years ago!, what the literal genuine hell!, anyway, it is my theory that it must have been an Alien caused event, since random negative celcius gusts of wind don’t just happen the exact moment that all sound stops as well for just as long!

Note, English isn’t my native language, as i sm self educated in English, so sorry for my bad grammar

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