part 1

This allows you to see how each Universe develops and maybe after witnessing something in another Universe, you can now try to manipulate a more favourable outcome for other Earths.

Earths vast water supply is the power source for Universe hopping. It allows them to build their ships and supply power to them.

This is why UAP’s come and go. They are monitoring many earth’s simultaneously. This is why the probes appear on a schedule. They are constantly comparing differences between different Earths.

This is why they are here. This is why the ocean is their home. This is why they are interested in us. This is why Earth’s health is important to them.

Maybe the grey’s are manufactured by the super advanced Mantis race to babysit and monitor the multiverse. They identify threats and try to course correct.

This is more than just advanced prediction. They have seen it before.

Maybe all prophecies of “future” events are based on past events from other universes.

This also explains Cryptids. Visiting from another Earth through some sort of natural ability. Big foot is a Hairy “America Chavez” Human based animal.

Are Hauntings in a place where dimension walls are weak? Are shadow people cloaked “other Humans” watching us?

Have ancient human civilizations been contacted by more advanced humans? Maybe the pyramids really were built by an advanced race of Humans?

Maybe they did come here and teach us agriculture? Maybe all the legends from ancient times of advanced civilizations contacting us, was other Humans the entire time.

This is why they all have similar stories but the “Aliens” all look different; but share the same basic configuration. Human.

Maybe the nuremberg 1561 battle really was two advanced races of humans fighting over our planet.

Are shape shifting Reptiles from another Earth as well?

This is what they mean when they say all Woo is connected. This is why. The multiverse is real and it seems to fit all the puzzle pieces together.

After WW2 learning about an infinite amount of other Human races must have been an overwhelming challenge.

We just finished fighting the worst war in Human history and we ended it with the worst weapon Human’s had ever made.

This explains the thinking that went into the decision making about the subject.

The US Government realized we were completely out gunned. Our latest Super Weapon was nothing compared to their technology.

They signed a treaty which exchanged UAP technology for rights to live here and continue to jump to other universes.

Could this be why they have two main bases off both coasts of the USA – (FL & CA) and Antarctica, which is neutral territory.

Did the US government agreed to abductions? After the Other Humans had established themselves, the abductions started.

The military wanted more advanced weapons to protect us from the other humans who would be coming soon.

The Government “recovered” intentionally “crashed” UFOs, which were given to private “wink wink” industries who rolled out the technology to the Military. This was the start of the cover story; the true source was hidden.

This could explain the Nazi obsession with the Occult at the highest levels and of their Government.

Did the Nazi’s learn of other Humans and tried to find their tech or make contact? Looking for advanced weapons and maybe an ally to help them win the war? Was this the reason the they believed in the Occult?

This again explains why South America seems to be different “Aliens” from North American. They are different advanced Humans working on different interests.

A whistleblower said the have 50 Aliens species on ice. That’s a lot of “Aliens” to account for in our Universe.

However that’s NOTHING in a infinite multiverse.

This is why they don’t want the secret out. We’re not dealing with an Alien race or two.

It’s us multiplied by infinity, and they are coming here.

Now we face an infinite amount of other Humans.

This is the Somber moment.

We know how divisive we are. Now multiply that by infinity.

This next part explains the reasons for all this. These Humans are helping us. We don’t need to be afraid.

How I think Universe hopping might work

It’s not time travel in the classic sense like “Back to the Future”.

Imagine Hawaii on a world map. It’s a series of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

There is a volcanic weakness underneath Hawaii. It’s moving because the earths’ crust moves so when it shifts, it makes a new island.

The reason its a series of islands is because each one was made at a different time. One was “born” after another.

So for this example; imagine each island’s time starts when it’s made. Each island cannot see another island, they are over the horizon. They think they are the only island.

Our earth is one island. There is an older island to the north, and a younger island to the south.

The tribe in the North is the oldest. Their island was made first. They have advanced ships made of steel.

In order for a tribe from the North island to reach the South Island, they have to cross our island.

We see them coming because we have technology called a Telescope.

When they get here the time development of our island is younger then there island.

We only have wooden ships.

We started later, our island wasn’t made yet when they were already fighting over Bananas. They didn’t have enough for everyone.

Our island is currently at war over Bananas. We did not manage our bananas well. We are killing each other over not having enough.

They also went to war over Bananas. So they have seen two separate islands who ended up fighting over the same thing.

We see them come and go from our island in their metal ships but do not understand why they are coming and going.

All we see is the ships coming out of the water, crossing the island, (they are bringing some bananas with them, we don’t know this) and going back out to sea again.

Now they go to the next island. On that island, it’s brand new. The volcano is still active and hasn’t left yet to make another island.

They have seen two other islands where villagers made homes. They have seen two examples of wars over not enough bananas.

They can now shape how this island is going to develop and make more bananas.

This island does not have telescopes yet. They see metal ships when they don’t have any ships themselves yet.

All they have is story telling. They have a myth about strangers that came in a huge shiny chariot and brought them enough bananas, so that they could live in peace, and not harm each other over them.

They were told all these bananas are yours. Live in peace and happiness.

They make religious about them. Thanking them every year by offering bananas on Banana Day.

The villagers that will live there will never fight over Bananas because they got lucky. Their world produces massive quantities of bananas.

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