Why does Lue say we are facing a “somber” moment?

Here’s the answer and then my reasoning.

They are other Humans.

We are living in a Multiverse (or a Fractalverse), and we are part of an infinite amount of Human races from different Earth’s.

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. Keep reading. Here is how it all fits together.

Let’s play “Lue’s clues”

Lue has set the rules of this game like 20 questions.

He has the answer and he has been providing the questions. We need to figure out what the answer is based on the questions.

Answer the following quotes from Lue with either “other Humans” or “Multiverse”.

“I think, if I may just digress for a moment here, you mentioned something very interesting that a lot of people want to talk about and say is this extraterrestrial” Washington Post

“It could be from-as I’ve said before, it could be from outer space, inner space, or the space in between.” “As we begin to understand our place here on this little planet, we begin to realize that there’s a lot of other options.” Washington Post

“And yet we know the majority of the universe around us – 99 percent of it, in fact-is not perceivable.” Washington Post “The bottom line is that we are now recognizing there are realities all around us that we don’t as a human being, we can’t interface with.” Lue (Minute 1:04) Megyn Kelly podcast

“Is it possible that these things are from outer space – sure – but it is just as possible these things could be as natural to Earth as we are. And we are just at a point where we technologically can interact.” Lue (Minute1:05) Megyn Kelly podcast

“I think it is ignorant to say that if it is not Russian or Chinese technology this must be from Pleiades or Alpha Proxima. Is it possible, sure, but there is a whole bunch of other options that it could be too! AP Interview

They keep bringing up the multiple dimensions hypotheses. Lue keeps saying we may need to rethink what it is to be human. Or change our definition of Human. This is why.

The Multiverse filled with Humans answers a lot of questions.

It solves for the vast distance problem and relativistic speed because the distance is zero.

It explains why we live in a “Star Trek” universe where everyone has a head and face, two arms, two legs and a Torso.

It explains their interest in us and why DNA is close enough to make hybrids.

It explains why so many space faring species are alive at the same time and why a lot look very similar to us.

The Drake Equation explains that different alien civilizations could rise and fall on their own without ever meeting another living species, due to time and distance.

We should be alone.

Yet here they are. Many, many slightly different species. It makes sense if it’s a multiverse of Humans and not Aliens.

These are all different versions of Human’s evolved from a slightly different version of earth.

Other Humans are here and maybe the conspiracy theories about “Aliens” taking us over are suddenly not a joke.

I think this also solves the Drake equation.

Add an infinite amount of universes and you get a solution.

1 human race per universe multiple by infinity


So now the Drake equation equals infinity instead of 1.

This also explains why SETI has never found someone. We are alone in the universe but there are an infinite amount of universes. They have been looking far away when the life they seek is here already.

This explains the differences in ship design. Why do they constantly change? Because they are made by different advanced Humans from different Earths.

This explains the apparent difference in technology. Metal spheres that look like my Uncle made it in the back yard, to Orbs and ships that display incredible capabilities. Metapods and Jetpack men?

Apparently the technology they employ would only work on earth due to our magnetosphere.

Perfect because every human race that’s travelling, is travelling to another Earth.

Are cattle and human mutilation done by a different set of Humans from the greys?

This explains why the government kept doing things that made it appear somewhat like they were hiding Aliens. This was the Ruse.

They distract us with Aliens so we don’t think of “Other Humans”. They can’t stop them from coming here so they make us afraid of an “Alien invasion”.

The Alien cover up was not about Aliens. It was about other Earths and Aliens were the cover used by the US Government to obfuscate the truth.

This is why Area 51 is known for “Aliens”. This is why project Blue book had its moment. This is why so many in the know have come out and said “Aliens are real!” They were duped into projecting the Ruse.

This is why the Roswell story had yet another addendum saying it was yet another thing. Why bring it up again?

Even the current generation is having its ”Aliens” moment where the Ruse is being reincarnated. They changed the name to NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE.

Now when finally “forced” to reveal what’s going on, even then the truth has been hidden. It’s not “Aliens”. It’s Humans. This also gives them plausible deniability Under Oath when asked about “Aliens”.

The M.A.D concept of the nuclear arms build up was not about stopping communism; it was about making sure any Human race from another world would know if they tried to take this world, we would turn it into a glass floored, self lighting parking lot before we go.

This is why the nuclear threat is unbearable for them. This is why the grey’s showed up after we used nukes.

Look how ridiculously easy this is to connect all woo with the multiverse of Humans as the source.

Human forms from another universe?

Cryptids like Vampires, Giants, Bigfoot, Fairies?

What about Atlantis, Pyramids, Religion, UAPs?

Different humans coming here from an alternate world. Some through technology, some through natural abilities.

Dark entities could be from an alternate earth that developed complexity in different ways. They are intelligent but are not Human? Something else but intelligent.

Every weird thing I can think of in Human history can be explained by this.

Let’s say Universes are born sequentially, not simultaneously.

We are all in the same basic range of time, just offset to the next one.

This means their are a lot of technologically advanced Human civilizations, while others are behind us.

Maybe it’s a daisy chain of Universes like a string of Pearls, or a hub and spoke system.

Maybe they can only hop from one Universe to the next through neighbouring Universes, making any Universe a waystation to get to another. Maybe certain spots on Earth facilitate Universe hopping because of some reason.

Each hop shifts time back slightly. The more hops you make, the further you “time travel” back through the multiverse.


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