Before you all attack me, hear me out. When I first saw these hearings and the newsnation interview, I was on the bandwagon of: its either a Psy-Op or there are bodies. Well after the revelation that Grusch has PTSD and that Coulthart edited that footage out, I’m increasingly skeptical of the bodies. In other words, it has to be some sort of Psy-Op.

You are all entitled to your opinions but in my PERSONAL OPINION:

Gillibrand and Rubio have weakened their stance about what they know compared to a few weeks ago.

Senators and congressmen in general seem more skeptical now.

No SCIF or if there was one no one seems convinced by what they saw.

No one seems shocked by what Grusch told ICIG, or intel committees.

ICIG only said “credible and urgent”, nothing more. He has not spoken to the media and he has not testified before congress even to say “I can say more in a SCIF.” He may have cleared Grusch as a favor to his lawyer. Out of respect for their respective positions.

Luna, Tim, and Gaetz may have been a part of the Psy-Op. Whatever was shown to them at the base and to Christopher Mellon has not been shown to the public because experts in the public would likely debunk it. It could easily be CGI. And if it were to leak it would ruin their careers because although its fake it is also “highly classified”. So its a catch 22 if they suspect it is fake. They take a huge risk of trying to leak something like the “4k” photos Mellon claims to have seen. And I think that’s by design… the military is up to something.

This leads me to pure speculation but one theory is that they are running this operation for some reason and Grusch was manipulated to believe it was all real. Thats possibly why he had these psychotic breakdowns.

The military was deceiving him and bringing him false witnesses and false reports and his gut told him something wasn’t right but people he trusted kept telling him it was real. He couldn’t speak out about it and it was killing him bottling all this up.

Well now he finally did speak out about it. Perhaps not how the military intended or perhaps better than they intended. I have no idea if they planned it like this or if it hurts or helps their plans to have congress involved.

But for the most part all the major players seem completely at ease with the way things are even knowing there may be bodies and craft lying about at some base. I think they’ve been privately briefed that this is a military operation and they should just go with it but not interfere too heavily. And thats why they aren’t too dismissive but don’t seem as interested as Luna, Tim and Gaetz. The reason why those 3 are still hype about it is because they have no real power to get to the bottom of this. The military is laughing at those 3 republicans who they hate making a fool of themselves.

Notice that the House Speaker is not even convinced they should be given a SCIF? I HIGHLY doubt he gives a “select committee” and the only thing that will happen from here on out is “talk”.

Also Gillibrand seems to be angling for more spending on the military to “detect UAP” so you can see where her angle will be. The only thing that may come out of all these shenanigans is more funding for the military and AARO. Grusch is being made out to be a nutcase who will just run with anything without properly verifying and his “witnesses” will slowly back out of the whole thing.

The first hand witnesses better have some solid information if they ever do testify because at this point “I saw a craft” could easily be a part of the same Psy-Op ran on Grusch. Saw it where? Where is it now so we can examine? Thats the question.

But I don’t think we will ever hear sworn testimony from these witnesses because they are pawns like Grusch and will back out. They were there to make him feel safe about testifying. They will eventually stop taking calls from Corbell, Knapp and Grusch.

All of this is complete speculation. I still believe something big is going on. But something like a Psy-Op. I have huge doubts that this guy with bouts of PTSD, who is not even a first hand witness, ever verified the claims of his witnesses properly. His mental breakdowns were due to the manipulation that was being done to him. If all your colleagues were trying to convince you there were craft and bodies and you couldn’t tell a soul you’d break down too. I feel bad for the guy but they played him. They gave him a metaphorical lobotomy. Manchuria candidate type stuff.

Also, everyone who says “PTSD” don’t matter. Yes. Yes it does. Otherwise Coulthart would have left it in the original interview. He sacrificed his integrity by cutting it out. And now he’s using it to rehabilitate his witness and it looks even worse. Why did he hide it? Because he knew Grusch claims wouldn’t stand on their own if they had that against him. If Coulthart felt as strongly about the evidence as he says he did he would have left it in. Even if the guy was schizophrenic. Because you wouldn’t want to give the appearance of something fishy(kookoo) going on. But thats not what happened. He tried to do the Hollywood thing and protect his star’s image. And now it does look like something fishy is going on…

I know I’ll be attacked for this but just know that I would love for there to be aliens too. That sounds super exciting. But in reality it appears the evidence is stronger for Psy-Op(as crazy as that sounds) than it is for bodies and craft.

If more actual evidence comes out, we’ll see. But at this point testimony is no longer enough. We need official documents VERIFIED by current government (not former), photos, and videos (preferably also verified like the tictac) etc. Because someone testifying that the spooky military guy “showed them a photo” is starting to sound suspicious. Like they are being fed this stuff like idiots. And I don’t know if they chose Grusch because he’s got mental health issues or if the deception made him lose it, but either way he’s looking kind of like that Lazar guy now. If not worse.

I will review all my hate mail in the morning and see if I come to a different perspective but for now this is it: huge psy-op going on.

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