This is purely speculative but if there is a level of truth to the recent MH370 video and these orbs have the ability to teleport a large object, how many of these orbs or engines would you need in order to accomplish this type of teleportation?

Could teleportation or obtaining abilities to jump dimensions be a primary reason why the military is spending millions of dollars on new radar and missiles to take down ‘balloons’?

Following the thought of reverse engineering, it is much easier to study something that may be smaller or more manageable in size vs a larger ‘craft’ when all you are potentially looking for is some basic form of ‘engine’ or ‘drive force’

For example: It is much easier to take apart a motorcycle to understand the basic principals of a combustion engine than it is to steal an SUV and come to the same conclusions

We know that the US military activated a new radar and these ‘UAP/orb/balloons’ began appearing all over. Next thing we knew they were being shot down. Was this new radar actually intended and covertly used for the intention of locating these UAPs or signs they might have given off while using a type of ‘drive’ or engine?


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