I was thinking about the claims that some aliens are future humans.

Something that occurred to me was that if the surface world fell to nuclear war and I was in a deep underground military base and I had access to time travel, I would try to go back and prevent the war from happening.

I would want to see the world restored. I would want to see humanity restored. Having grown up in that world I would know it’s value firsthand and would risk changing some of my own timeline if it meant I could go back to living my life in a timeline where the world never fell.

But if I was born after the fall and then gained access to a Time Machine, stopping the nuclear war that resulted in my parents meeting in an underground bunker would prevent me from being born.

Nobody would do that.

Nobody would risk erasing their birth from a timeline.

So if the aliens we are seeing are supposed future humans as some claim, which ones are we seeing?

I feel like the aliens born after the fall of civilization would want to restore the destroyed earth, but would not risk erasing their own lives by averting the war.

They would probably just come back to get the biological samples needed in order to eventually reboot life on the surface of earth.

I can imagine a distant future where the earth has been restored.

Where humanity, once bent and deformed by generations of radiation exposure and subterranean living, has been hybridized with genetics from our time and restored to health.

I’m picturing a perfectly healthy, completely healed future earth. Occupied by a wise humanity that lives in balance and harmony as to not repeat the great failure of their forefathers.

A humanity that will absolutely not allow anyone to use time travel to upset the past as they know it.

I’d like to hear what others think.

If the future human hypothesis were hypothetically true, are the beings trying to stop WW3, or are they displaying behaviors you think indicate they are simply here to gather biological material to rebuild their future earth?

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