Note that this is NOT a political post, it’s an analysis of legal options.

It’s possible Trump’s trump card is spilling the beans on our classified UAP/UFO secrets. If Coulthart is correct that Trump was briefed, then a conviction for sedition, etc., would result in effectively life in prison and therefore zero additional consequences for additional crimes. Going from three to four life sentences is not a deterrent. So a couple of consequences then:

Trump could be willing to share national secrets if he is convicted as retribution for prosecution Trump could be using the threat of leaked national secrets to pressure the prosecution. The rush to disclose prior to Trump’s trials may be a response to 2. A sort of “You have no leverage if we break the news first” situation.

If Trump sees what he calls the “Deep State” and MIB as one and the same, then he may just go down swinging (disclosing). Trump may only have ten years left given his lifestyle. He doesn’t need a 50 year conviction to get life in prison.

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