If you can’t deal with disinformation you have no place in this topic at this time, sorry

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Alt title: How to Fight Back against Disinfo

First off if you’re unconvinced that disinfo plays a much-bigger-than-you-think role in everything we do in this topic, consider: A) A 100 year hide-in-plain-sight coverup of the most important secret to neutralize for social (read government / corporate) stability (read control); B) sophisticated disinfo campaign admitted (if it wasn’t already fucking obvious, but hey) by Grusch, and supported by testimony from hundreds of intimidated, stolen-from, lied-to witnesses; C) also plainly visible (perhaps only when you put on your Disinfo X-Ray Goggles, but that’s what I’m here to teach you about today, so strap in!) from “the subtle (sometimes not so subtle) distortions” you see going on in this sub.

If you’re still not convinced, then ask yourself: If your employer put you in charge of protecting this secret, and you were dealing with essentially “an open battlefield” (where members of the public can randomly and suddenly inject enemy narrative, ie, Truth), would you think it worth it to try to discredit that and maintain narrative dominance by corrupting their truthful information? Or would you just let it fly, and….do what? Would you fight back by trying to cast doubt, or would you just …. what would you do, if not that?

Just accept that disinfo is going to be background noise on this, same as sensor noise, same as grain in a video. This is a war and in war, this is a given. So accept it or get out of the battle for now.

Reframe the presence of disinfo: it shows we’re over the target. Disinfo is information warfare. The truth wouldn’t be taking heavy fire unless it was on target, so you have to accept and learn to love the disinfo around this, because the only other alternative is the disinfo warfighters winning: if you get discouraged because of disinfo, if you get fed up that everything seems to have be corrupted by fakeness, then the disinfo fruits win. And if they win, they are probably cracking out the Oatmilk and Soylent in their pasty white underground ops bunker.

Case in point: what if it was a disinfo tactic to get ahead of every video leak, and put it through a time tested and simple discrediting process to dilute the truth in a sea of lies? How does this work? As follows (poison the footage):

The “It’s CGI!” Tactic:

Take the original true footage of whatever. Pass it through post production and add extra animation / CGI artefacts. Here’s where the disinfo fruits can really let their creativity shine. Got a couple orbs in the sky? Add another orb, and have it pass through a building! Got an alien walking around? Add a mask to re-light the critter to make it look slightly out of place. Got a video of orbs harassing an airliner? Create a “thermal video” “alternate angle hoax” and patch it together with this original. Release the poisoned footage!

In all cases the point is not to make “great CGI” it’s to add a few small changes that produce artefacts of processing and will be obvious on closer scrutiny. The predictable and easily attainable win for the disinfo fruits is that people will begin to doubt the credibility intensely when they “independently discover” these processing/CGI artefacts, and the original problem of the truthful video leak? It magically goes away, the people make it go away! Mission accomplished! Phew

So the awful part is getting the people you are lying to, to gaslight themselves and do the work for you. It’s awful but it’s still a simple (in counterintelligence terms) deception. Weird, convoluted, sophisticated deceptions are these folks bread-and-butter, their lies rely on the fact that YOU will stop your inquiry after 1 or two logical inference steps, throw up your hands and say, “This is ridiculous! Nobody would ever go to that much trouble! It’s obviously a Genuine Fake!” End of story.

End of story. And that’s what they want. The next best thing for the fruits to hope for is: Death by Doubt. Cast enough doubt in the direction of a piece of truth and you effectively neutralize it.

If you’re uncomfortable with these kind of techniques being in constant operation in this topic, then you need to take a break–for your mental health! If you want to come back to it, do so with full awareness that THIS IS WAR, and in war, there will be constant INFO WARFARE. The kind of examples people are fretting over this week in this sub are BASIC and SIMPLE examples. The Disinfo Fruits have way more aces up their sleeve and way more “bangers” to hit you with later on. So you need to get smart.

If you are an analytical type person, weaponize your analysis against their tactics. Consider how you would deceive people if the footage was actually true. If you’re a psychologically focused person, consider how easy it would be to manipulate people into believing something true was false, by the insertion of a few judiciously chosen pieces of corruption of the original! You get the picture: find a way to use your unique gifts to become resilient to the Disinfo Fruits Information Warfare.

ALso, I suggest a new Flair specifically for posts discussing tactics for countering the information operation, maybe “Counter Narrative”. This meta topic is actually very essential in order to keep the discourse HEALTHY for everyone. We are under constant assault, and need to remain constantly vigilant and resilient.

edit: Folks! I can’t reply all the counter comments to my post on my own! If you resonate with THIS, AND don’t want to let this sub get owned by disinfo, jump on the replies below and help push back against anyone who’s trying to undermine this!

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