Hey all, I’ve never posted here before or really anywhere on reddit but I’m an active lurker. Let me know if there’s anything I need to change with this post or some way I need to tag it.

I see a lot of posts regarding the footage of the objects going around the airplane and it disappearing, as much as its interesting its also from years ago. It just feels odd that there’s a random spike in interest. As much as I enjoy looking through everyone’s different opinions and analysis, It feels like its already been done before. Not that it can’t or shouldnt be looked at again, but there’s a lot going on now to spend energy on and talk about.

I know there isn’t too much information on what’s happening in Peru, but the accounts are very interesting, and I would say deserves a larger audience sharing opinion and combing through what is available. Plus, it’s actually happening now. It seems as of the last week/week and a half this sub has gotten a little jumbled. Before then people seemed to be following a path of information and staying relatively in the now. I’ve seen some posts from people that seem like obvious bots, but from there it seems like real people run with that info and it blows up on here. IDK. I’m not the most informed person on here, I know there are many others who have been here much longer and have put in a lot more time. I just wonder am I the only one who thinks it’s weird we aren’t talking about this more? That practically nobody is talking about it?

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