Seeing people saying “Can you believe the MH370 community doesn’t want are helps?! They don’t believe it?!”….Yeah cause they’re using logic. Not a literal CGI video of balls floating around a plane and making it disappear. Literally do you see how offensive that is to the actual victims. Again the video looks like CGI no matter what you want to say about the shading or the after effects which could all be done with CGI even back in 2014. Now there’s a new vid (again CGI) circulating if 3 space ship looking planes following a plane claiming to be footage from MH370 I am so disappointed and honestly going on that Reddit and also seeing people who knew people who died on that plane makes this sub look pathetic and sad. I’m sorry. This damn video needs to be dropped the amount of posts about it daily have taken over this whole sub which to me scream of a disinfo campaign. Again I ask why wasn’t there this discourse when that video was posted here like a year ago or 2? Why now? Does nobody find it strange? Like it’s being planted to distract us? Again no shit the actual sub for this tragedy who sit and ACTUALLY do research doesn’t want to touch us. Congrats UFO community we done did it again.

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