Anyone remembers this statement? Guy’s been dropping breadcrumbs all this time and it really makes me wonder if it’s connected to the missing MH370 and people dissecting the alleged footage of it teleporting to different dimension.

Also,as someone already linked

It may be crazy to some people to even think of possibility of people remote viewing this event but hey.. CIA was doing the same ,so lets not write this link from 2014 off this quick. It is mentioned that the plane slipped into different dimension or timeline.

So maybe some remote isolated primitive tribe out there got some interesting new caucasian and other dna mixed in hundreds or thousand years ago from “sky people” that landed on their beach in a strange craft,and maybe those iPhones and pieces of the planes were taken into religious buildings to be worshipped long time ago.

If this is why we’re not getting disclosure or we’re not getting all of it ,then yeah,I can see why it would be upsetting for society to know this.

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