In Plain Sight: Ross Coulthart, 12/08 Discussion

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I was fortunate enough to attend Ross Coulthart’s event in Melbourne today. It was absolutely fantastic. Below are my notes from the Q&A session.

He knows specifics around the type of NHI (I assume he’s referring to aliens vs AI etc) and soon he’ll reveal more info. There’s a “good reason” he hasn’t said specifics, to protect sources and methods.

He’s heard lots of conflicting info about timelines eg 2027. He’s heard dates from 2026-2036 in regards to the world ending, nuclear war, etc. It sounds like he doesn’t put much stock in this due to the conflicting dates.

He put forth the idea that NHI/UAPs could be presenting to us as technology, ie something we understand. He spoke about consciousness, which went over my head a bit, so if anyone else was there today and has more info that’d be ace.

Ross briefly spoke about the possibility of greys being future humans.

He’s worried about risk of accidental nuclear war. A country might assume that a UAP is something from an unfriendly country and launch a nuke in retaliation.

The videos taken by the Elgin pilots (that Luna, Burchett, and Gaetz were blocked from seeing) are “shocking”. The videos were taken with the pilots’ mobile phones and show objects engaging with planes. Ross has seen these videos.

In regards to the recent shoot downs in Alaska, he’s heard that two were prosaic and one was anomalous, described as a tic tac.

Ross spoke about a sphere that was sent off for testing, which is something I’m not familiar with, maybe someone can explain the backstory. He’s seen it in person and it moves around, seemingly if its own accord. He said it’s currently being analysed, and to “watch this space”.

When asked why he said “Watch Donald Trump” at the end of a podcast, he said Trump had been “backed into a corner”, but didn’t go into any further detail. He’s been told by 3 sources that Trump was briefed about UAPs in early 2020. He’s been told less info than other presidents in terms of reverse engineering.

In terms of what we can do to help, he suggested writing physical letters (not emails, since they’re more easily ignored) to media outlets, asking why they’re not covering this story. For those of us in Australia, he suggested writing to ABC’s Four Corners. He also suggested we should write to Kirsten Gillibrand, ministers of defence, and prime ministers, as examples.

Afterwards at the book signing I told him I’m feeling scared by all this, and asked whether I should feel scared. He said he’s not scared.

Hopefully I captured everything correctly but please let me know if I didn’t, or if you have anything to add.

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