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Christ came to Earth to serve as a guidepost for humanity, just as modern missionaries in Papua New Guinea use the “Word of God” from a two-thousand-year-old book to improve the lives of superstitious locals and care for children’s education. But in an era where education is advanced and access to information nearly limitless, do we still need guides from the past?

The world we inhabit is saturated with technology, self-improvement, and competition. In such an environment, are ancient religious texts and moral principles based on parables still relevant? People are better educated and increasingly seek answers to questions about morality and ethics beyond the confines of religion.

Elon Musk exemplifies the modern pioneer, akin to Magellan or Columbus, opening new horizons for humanity. His ventures in space exploration* and advanced technologies are not only bold but also inspirational. Musk, along with other technological leaders, points the direction in which our civilization might head, showcasing how far we can reach relying on science and innovation.

In the context of these transformations, what could be the new benchmark for humanity that changes its course and initiates the next stage of evolution? Could a new impulse, like the religion centuries ago that unified warring tribes, now unify modern countries and nations, setting new common goals?

Personally, I believe it is worth considering the phenomenon of UFOs in these deliberations. In my opinion, they could become the new miracle that unites humanity. UFOs, as unknown and incomprehensible phenomena, could cast new light on our existence and force us to reconsider our place in the cosmos and towards each other. While surrounded by an aura of mystery, this phenomenon could bring a new perspective to humanity and act as a catalyst for global changes.

In conclusion, as the world becomes more technologically advanced, we may discover that the new “messiahs” will not come in human form, but as groundbreaking discoveries that transform our understanding of the universe and ourselves. This consideration, though it may seem far off, is a value that each of us should ponder, in seeking answers to questions about the future of our civilization.

(*based on his recent SpaceX presentation on the mission to Mars)

I’m curious to hear your ideas and comments. Cheers!

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