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Similarly to a lot of people I recently became more interested in ufology since the congressional hearing and have quickly become hooked. I have a degree in biology with animal behaviour with a dissertation on cryptic genetics so I have a pretty scientific background even if it’s not directly relevant to space or engineering or what have you.

Because of this science background I cant help but analyse things and I couldn’t help but notice some patterns and similarities in a lot of UFO case studies and stories from very different parts of the world and even from different time periods, which I found very exciting. Most of these patterns I’ve already seen discussion and discourse on to be fair so I won’t bother mentioning them all but one I haven’t seen very much about is a few cases of Chinook helicopters turning up just after, or even during a UAP event.

I’m sure I’ve seen or heard chinooks mentioned in a story that was from Australia, one from Central Europe, a story from the UK where chinooks show up and a couple from the US including the infamous Cash-landrum incident which was reported to have at least a dozen chinooks following the craft through the sky.

I just wondered if anybody had any ideas or theories as to why specifically chinooks seem to be showing up at these events. It seems to me that if they are chasing the craft, or looking to attack it, they would go for something with firepower and more agility rather than helicopters that I thought were used primarily for transport. Maybe transporting military personnel/weapons in case a craft touches down? But then why so many?

Like I said I’m new to the subreddit so please let me know if there’s any problem with the post or if it’s been discussed before please link it for me 🙂

Have a nice rest of your week and take care x

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