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I served two tours in Iraq as a US Marine. My brothers and sisters of that generation who fought in Afghanistan and Iraq know the challenges of “adjusting” post combat. Most of us dealt with issues of alcoholism and suicidal ideation. That is real and tangible. Following Grusch’s story I see that these institutions are willing to do anything to keep their secrets and power. As a true propagandist, Klippenstein tipped his sorry hand by showing us that Grusch is a real veteran of war, who suffered like the rest of us and battled through personal adversity. Beyond overcoming those war demons, Grusch had the courage to bring forward his allegations of wrong doing. Yet, we see IC weasels like Klippenstein not attack the veracity of claims…but personally attack a veteran for his service induced woes. I for one, see this as a verification of Grusch’s service in combat. Furthermore it demonstrates the scummy and disgusting behavior of institutional players and their media pawns. If I could send a message to Grusch, it would be “keep driving forward brother!”. To those that seek to discredit him personally instead of his claims, we all can see your games.

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