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I saw this post about the stabilized version of the video here.

At 14-15 seconds the orb contrails begin to shift direction. From originally going toward the back of the plane to instead being almost ‘pulled’ or ‘dragged’ ahead of the plane until the plane disappears. You can see the shift in direction very clearly at 23 seconds. Because the video is zoomed in between 15 – 23 seconds, I believe we’re missing visual confirmation of the contrails actively shifting directions, but the before and after appears pretty clear.

And then I saw this post about the plane being pulled from behind and I thought this might be related. Might not.

The whole motion of the orbs circling the plane reminds me of a vortex and the last disappearance looks similar to this. Hypothetically, if a vortex was forming in front of the plane, it could explain why the orb contrails suddenly change direction beginning at the 14-15 second mark.

Instead of the plane flying into or being guided into an alleged portal (not sure how else to describe it) before disappearing, instead the plane along with the orbs maybe getting pulled in via vortex forces. I think the disappearance at the end resembles the shape of a vortex.

Intensity and phase information of an experimentally generated photonic toroidal vortex.

Anyone familiar with vortex physics? How they’re formed?

EDIT: Including GIFs to highlight what I’m trying to describe above. See below:

As you can see, the contrails are trailing at first prior to 14 second mark:

Trailing Contrails

However, the contrails begin to lead the plane and appear to be ‘dragged’ or ‘pulled’ forward at the 23 second mark:

Contrails Dragging Forward

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