After the hearings I have had to completely cut out from any socials regarding the topic of UAPs. My friends and family think I am a nut job conspiracy theorist. I cannot hold a conversation with them about the topic whatsoever. But I believe I have seen too much about the topic for it to not be true, that we are being visited by a non-human intelligence, and it’s not them making me think I’m insane, it’s everyone elses reaction.

Is this how things really are? Our government and institutions completely smearing any science regarding the topic of UAPs as pseudoscience? Instead of releasing the information and perhaps collaborating on it as a collective species, they hide the truth about the state of our world. Our own leaders are most likely powerless against this intelligence/s.

I can’t keep researching this topic for my own mental health. Is anyone else feeling this way?

I hope the truth prevails in the end.

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