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When I first joined this sub Reddit, I was a sceptic I didn’t believe any of it really it was all just a bit of fun. I mean it was interesting but nothing more than that really but things have changed. a lot has changed. the hearing the witness statements, the footage and now the plane. if all of this is real if all of it is what we see is what happens then?

If that MH370 footage is real, and it is bloody compelling.. it changes literally everything. It puts everything else into perspective.

Think of all of the stories and weirdness that’s ever happened. From Missing 411 to the Barney/Betty Hill case. What in the hell are we meant to do?

I didn’t think, in fact, no I was certain that we as human beings could handle the truth. I was certain that it wouldn’t cause mass panic and now I’m not so sure. I don’t think we could handle the truth, especially with what we seen over the last few weeks is true, I don’t know what the point of this post was, I just wanted to share my thoughts how are all of you feeling?


I’m not having mental health issues btw everyone. I’m perfectly fine, just airing my thoughts 🙂

Edit 2:

Never mind people are really condescending 🙂

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