This has been on my mind for a while now and if nothing else, it’s an interesting thought experiment.

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m a believer. I believe Grusch, I think that certain elements of humanity have made contact with ETs, I think there’s a cover-up, the whole nine yards. And much of the substance of my question is based on those beliefs.

So, if these beings can travel faster than light, or have some other workaround, it stands to reason that we’re likely not the only civilization they’ve run into. The core of my question is this: is it “normal” for a civilization to cover up and hide contact from the majority of its people? Is the stigma and denial and ridicule an expected part of the process? Is this a normal stage in the arc of the contact experience? Do other races kill and lie over it? Or are we a dark outlier?

I can imagine a world where contact is a cause for celebration, or at least cautious enthusiasm, where the people aren’t necessarily exposed all at once, but where things are done as openly and honestly as possible for however long it takes with the necessary sensitivity.

I’m curious what your thoughts might be. Obviously this is impossible to answer with certainty, but I’d love to hear some opinions. Do you think things could have gone differently on this planet, or is there some innate quality of homosapiens that made the secrecy and conspiracy inevitable?

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