A synthesis of statements made by Ray Kurzweil, Joseph Farrell and Lue Elizondo. If certain plasmas do represent a form of intelligent life, or are weilded by intelligent life to such an extent that from many angles the two become indistinguishable—and electric current is a plasma, which I think it is—then our advances in the area of AI and other tech development may on both the part and the whole provide a gate, a portal, or a vessel by which certain nonhuman intelligence(s) can commute and commune with around—and quite literally through us.

This would make a strange kind of sense on two grounds, in my view. Futurists—I am thinking primarily of Ray Kurzweil here—suggest that we will achieve a “successful” Turing test in just a small handful of years. That is when a computer is supposed to be indiscernable in conversation from a human being. But is it in the end to be achieved not because of the strength of our own hard work alone, but because additionally, we will have laid out the necessary conditions by which to enable facile possession of our tech by such and such a greater intelligence?

And then the second point, much like the first point, also looks at the striking coincidence of the technological schedule and the sudden contemporaneously more obvious arrival of nonhuman intelligence. As we review the efficacy of the predictive model that is Moore’s Law, is the “possession” of our technology a reality somehow easily intuited or even taken for granted by the Intelligence Community? Do they actually know that the advancement of the curve of human technology is actually also the construction of a channel finally sufficient enough in its sophistication for the arrival of something like a living plasma?

Were ants to convene around a technology suddenly complicated enough for us to grasp it, wouldn’t we? Wouldn’t this be some form or another of “informational naturalism”? Likewise for a connection to be made, isn’t it true that each neuron must extend in its own way, grasping outward towards its other?

Is this why the IC seems to know—to listen to John Ramirez’s recent statements—in agreement with an astounding number of remote viewers—that something or someone is coming in or around 2027?

Tldr; the human technological singularity (and the proliferation of the technique of human-initiated contact, I should hasten to add) is altogether possibly most importantly a hugely tremendously significant type of Trojan horse, a “white hole” for certain greater forces of good and evil—consider the half hour before MH370’s final takeoff as a possible example of this—

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