Let’s face it, people are bad at this. They don’t know who to tell, they don’t know how to share photos and videos without compressing them, they don’t know how to make any of it discoverable, and they don’t know how to be taken seriously. We seemingly always end up with, at best, vague and questionable NUFORC reports with whatever amount of investigation NUFORC was willing to put into it themselves or, more often, a video they uploaded to social media, which automatically recompresses it, that has subsequently been downloaded, edited, reuploaded, and recompressed so many times that it becomes impossible to find any footage that isn’t a huge mess, and then of course nobody can say anything with any amount of certainty about what they see except for those who are extremely prone to overconfidence, so you’ll get wild claims both from both believers and debunkers. It’s such a mess.

I want there to be some online guide that explains clearly, step by step, the best way to make the raw evidence available, what kind of information to include with it, etc. I mean even just technical things, like how to share an unprocessed video file what to say about the conditions under which is was shot. (Sadly pretty much all phone cameras heavily postprocess the footage without us even asking them to these days, so we’re probably never going to get amazing raw data, but avoiding recompression still seems worth it.) And it should probably have a license associated with it requiring that if you use the footage then you have to provide or reference the original; while the Internet in general is not good at following instructions, at least professional journalists should, in principle, be getting this right.

Does any resource like this already exist? Would it actually be valuable? Ideally, this would be easy to find and commonly known within the UFO community so that a link to the guide can quickly find its way to recent witnesses.

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