My post was deleted after a couple of hours. On r/UFOs it just never got posted at all. I’ve asked a Mod why, they probably just haven’t had time to respond yet, but my impatience to talk about this alleged incident while it’s an ongoing story and while that entire village of clearly distressed people are begging for more help, makes me want to know ASAP what I can do to make the post allowable?

I used the NSFW flag, and included in my post text a warning that within both linked videos (two different podcast videos that both showed, among other relevant context, brief footage of seemingly a dead human with bizarre injuries from some time this year in the same area of Peru). Nobody would see anything guesome unless they chose to click on the link after reading that, as the thumbnail is also hidden due to the NSFW flag. My post text was substantive, not abusive and didn’t break any rules as far as I can tell.

Is there a rule I’m not aware of against violent imagery? Because if there is, why give us a “Mutilation” subject flair at all?

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