Because I’d be interested in making one — a proper one, with a way to submit footage and more data about the sighting itself and person who submitted it.

I think sending footage to the government for investigation is a great idea, but creating a public repository of properly documented sightings will help stress the importance of the issue in the public eye.

Especially now that the phenomenon seems to become less and less taboo and accepted as a real thing that happens and should be investigated, I think it would be much more helpful to have a centralized place for footage submission instead of randomly scattered obscure footage on YT, Reddit, TikTok etc.

I’m new to the community and am not really aware of what has and hasn’t been done, but I haven’t managed to find a proper place where I could potentially submit & document a sighting / encounter.

EDIT: I checked out MUFON. This isn’t exactly what I have in mind. While MUFON have their own mission of actively investigating sightings with their people, I’m more interested in publicly collecting and displaying sighting reports and footage. No active investigating, just openly showcasing what people are witnessing.

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