It is very eerie how similar some of our accounts are. Here is mine. Should we go for a megathread or some way to compile ans classify them?

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Throwaway because of obvious reasons.

I have had two sightings in my lifetime which I can’t really explain.

This is a long one so here is a TL;DR:

As a teen I saw a “translucent” triangle in the sky become two separate lights acting “organic”. Few years later I saw an orb of light (fluorescent green) expand and retract, move “organic” yet erratic and disappear out of thin air (this second event was from a very very short distance).

Being this weird and having been dissapointed by the concept of disclosure in the past I blocked these memories, they came back to me after reading the recent news and seeing testimonies from others being this similar really freaks me out.

Event 1:

Was in 2009 during my early teens. Long story short my uncle got into some shady deals in the 70s and bribed someone to sell him a property (and the water rights!) over a terrain in what soon later became a National Park (Monfragüe in Northern Extremadura, Spain). This is relevant because that means that his fields are located in one of the spots with less light pollution in Spain.

Moreover, this uncle (who Im sure you can tell by now is pretty scummy) also was a very high profile poacher, having risked his life hunting in royal and private lands during the dictatorship. All that was already in the past by the time this story took place but he still had a lot of cool gear from back then, like some pretty powerful night vision goggles.

We were on his porch, it was a summer night and the sky looked like a poster, he was teaching me how to look through the binoculars and use the night vision. He asked me to look at the treeline and press a button, what I sae was sort of black and white and the image “lighted up” when pressing the button. At that point I see something that looks like a triangle without any light, completely dark, emerge from the treeline. Its hard to see the “filling” but the cobtour of the shape was easy to make out. I give my uncle the goggles to see and while Im passing it the triangle lights up (just two lights to its sides, none at the tip). When the lights flare the contour of the traingle becomes invisible. Then the lights begin to move crazy, kind of erratic. The movement really reminded me of two fireflies zooming around eachother over a river, it felt organic more than anything else as if what was a seemingly mechanical triangle had become two seoarate organic entities. As abruptly as it appeared it disappeared.

My dad, who at the time worked for the european institutions (European Commision and European Council) got out of the house with three folding chairs, claimed to have seen everything fron the window and asked us to follow him. We went down the steps, planted the chairs in between the olive trees and began to whisper stuff about how he had had access to secret information via his work, he introduced me to the concept of discolsure and swore that in 2012 it was scheduled that Barack Obama would disclose it all.

Being a teen, having just witnessed something as strange and this being my father I believed him word by word.

Years passed, I began demistifying my dad as it happens to us all (you catch them on many lies, see them doing things they shouldn’t, etc) and when 2012 came and passed without a disclosure he denied anything had actually happened back in ’09 when it was my uncle, him and me. I began to question whether it actually happened and blocked it from my memory.


The next time I thought about it again was in my late teens (2014). I was with my then GF, her room was right under the roof so no matter how you lay on the bed you were nearly always peering out the Velux window. Her house was right on the edge of the Sonian Forest (Brussels, Belgium) which was what we saw from the window. This is the view, her house was one of the ones on the right, treeline is right in front:

8 Hakbosstraat,4.4252648,0a,90y,148.88h,92.64t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sd1fsDgkD8WrdrlHxpn1xxg!2e0

We were about to get intimate when a bright flash (once again on the top of the treeline) caught my attention. It seemed to expand and retract (from the size of a tennis ball to about the size of a car wheel). It stabilized at about the size of a football (soccer for non-eu redditors). My then gf was visibly mad at me getting distracted at that very moment and I just pointed out the window with a puzzled expression. She turned her head to see and before she was done the sphere moved behind a house, blocked from our view. I swore to her I easnt making stuff up and thats when it showed up again (this time she did get to see it) it moved erratically (sort of like a fly banging against a non existemt window) and then repeated the expansion and stabilizing routine. At this point the light seemed to shift ans become more like a solid orb than a sphere projecting light. It descended to about two meters from the ground and slowly floated through the path out of the forest ans into my GF neighbor’s garden. We were both amazed. I felt so incredibly lucky that I had had someone else next to me to witness such a thing. It made me think of what I had seen in ’09 and that perhaps there was some truth to it.

Unfortuantely due to other things we broke up a few months later and I moved countries. Years passed without me being able to talk about this topic to anyone and I guess I just blocked ot from my memory.

So now Im back on the fence, full disclosure Im have a scientific education, currently politically active and working on health matters, Im a critical thinker and only go by best available information and most reasonable hypotheis, Im not here for wild speculation or day dreaming but I figured all of this could prove interesting for the group and would love to read some of your thoughts and explanations.

Moreover and if you made it all the way here…, Im curious about this sub’s thoughts on the implications of disclosure on global governance, would the realization of humanity not being the only intelligent species out there help us achieve better global governance and finaly tackle global issues (nuclear threat, pandemics, global warming, biodiversity loss, human right abuses, etc?)

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