Do I believe? Yes. Do most of us? We don’t believe, we know. Is it a psyop? I think it could be both. The power of the media and the mastery of manipulation by information is really beyond any science fiction book. I believe David Grusch. I think he was set up though. Is the smearing of his mental state something that is to try to cover? Actually no. How about Kirkpatrick”s statement? A set up. I am convinced that over time Grusch was set up to be the leaker. Through some sort of psychologal analysis and personality profile including his military record. He fit the match. The US is facing unprecedented times. The information is true…more or less. There are things in the possession of the US government. Is it all true? What David Grusch is saying I believe he was told but maybe it’s not ALL true.

The good news about the West is that Russia which is basically the remodel of the Soviet Union isn’t the USSR anymore. It’s a bunch of oligarchs infighting for money and power. Their landmass is ridiculous. If anyone blew Moscow and St Petersburg off the map…Russia continues to move forward.. slowly and painfully but it won’t cease to exist.

China is the master of making things bigger and better but their ability to invent things…while it’s there…isnt what is happening but the US is worried. There are more UAPs than ever before and it’s unexplainable. Is it the Chinese? It can’t be but maybe it is.

This is information warfare being manipulated in the main stream media by some…unexpected actors. There are things in the air and in the water that are unexplainable. This has been happening for years and years….100 plus years? Yeah.

What’s next? Why now? A great question but let’s not hook, line and sinker to what we want which are the facts. The chess match is no different than what is happening now. Pieces are moving but it could be a set up. For what? We will see. Many and most things it’s made for TV drama. Us believers think it’s REALLT starting to unfold. It could be and seems like it’s both.

Don’t be distracted like the magician depends on the audience to do. The can hide things as well as the world. So many things many of us just don’t know.

The next thing isn’t just the next confessional hearing…it’s probably something more. How will the world handle it? I’m not so sure I’m so gung ho now to know what has been on the dark because it’s possible that it really has been for the greater good. We will see…or maybe we won’t.

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