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In lieu of recent events regarding David Grusch, U.S. representatives being stonewalled in SCIFs and re-visitations of the February shootdowns, I’m calling for another wave of reaching out to our elected officials demanding urgent and further transparency regarding UFOs/UAPs. I understand alot is going on in the world right now with Israel and Gaza, and Russia/ Ukraine, but we cannot let the momentum simmer down in spite of the tragic events happening around us. I’m providing a template of the letter I just emailed my local representative, and welcome everyone to literally copy/paste my words to use for yourself.

Let’s make this an issue that will be undeniable for them to look away from anymore.

Dear [recipient],

I write to you as a concerned citizen to demand transparency regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). On July 26th, 2023, there was a shift in tonality and urgency regarding the matter, as outlined in front of Congress by Lieutenant Ryan Graves, Commander David Fravor, and most notably, former United States Air Force officer David Grusch. Grusch claimed that he had conversations with unnamed officials that led him to believe that the U.S. federal government maintains a secretive UFO (or UAP) recovery program and is in possession of “non-human” spacecraft along with their “dead pilots”. Further, recent reports of encounters defy explanation and have raised profound questions about national security, science, public trust, international cooperation, and our potential place in the universe in relation to non-human intelligence.

UFOs and UAPs pose potential national security risks, challenge our understanding of science, erode public trust, and provide an opportunity for international collaboration and technological advancement. I urge you to support the declassification and public release of relevant information and the establishment of a transparent research initiative. The American people deserve the truth. Let us lead the world in uncovering the mysteries in our skies and beyond.

Sincerely, [your name]

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