So I’m sure we have many users on this platform that have some really nice telescopes! I was just thinking today, how awesome it would be for some of these strange lights everyone has been seeing, to have a decent telescope to get a much better idea of what we are seeing…it might be nothing of course, and it may not help as much as I think (I know absolutely nothing about telescopes, completely ignorant lol). However, surely it would be incredibly helpful.

Are there telescopes with cameras on them to record clips? I’m sure there are. If my family were in a better shape financially (will the inflation of gas and groceries ever go back to “normal” prices???? Not likely 😔)…. if i could afford it, I would buy a nice scope, and be out on most clear nights trying to get some footage!

So to all my r/UFOs brothers and sisters with telescopes, or whoever out there that may be blessed enough to be able to afford one …now is the time….there are lots of things happening in our skies and I am very confident that one of you will capture some amazing things…and get us closer to what we all want…


Thanks for reading!

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