Hi guys. Thought I should make a post addressing the airliner video because I think my opinion is a little different from the general sentiment of what has been talked about so far.

I don’t think we should be discussing the airliner video. Whether you think it’s genuine or not, it doesn’t matter. We are on the verge of disclosure. We are passed the point of discussing the validity of some random video from god knows where on the internet.

We have a credible, forthcoming person in David Grusch claiming (under oath) in front of the United States congress, that the United States government and its allies are in possession of non-human technology and non-humans themselves. We finally have someone “on the inside” coming forward and telling us directly that all that we have believed in and debated about is real. And— I believe him, believe that he’s telling the truth, and believe that he’s doing it because he believes it is right.

Why do I believe him? Because what does whoever is in control stand to gain? Nothing. If his statements and his appearance in front of Congress was indeed part of some fraudulent scheme, what does the orchestrator stand to gain? There is nothing that they stand to gain, in my opinion, and I challenge (respectfully) anyone to tell me what falsifying disclosure would do to benefit someone’s interests. Some may say that it distracts from what is going on in Capitol Hill, like insider trading or whatever else, but I find it seriously hard to believe that they’d go so far as to place a disinformation agent to talk about the existence of aliens to distract the public from such menial things.

To keep this already long post as short as possible, the leaking of his medical records. That reeks of desperation to indirectly discredit him. How dumb do they think we are?

To sum up, keep pushing, keep talking—we are closer to the endgame than the UFO community has even been in its 80+ year history. It’s time to unite and fight against the system that has been keeping us in the dark for so long.

Edit: sorry if this seems like a pompous or “holier than thou” opinion. I did not intend to make it seem like that. I solely wanted to make my point known that things are different now in the UFO community and we are getting closer to what we have all been waiting for. I do not think we should stop openly and respectfully discussing videos or information on this sub like we have been doing with the airliner video. I think that open discussion is beneficial to all, but I do believe that we have started to reach a point where more calculated, directive discussion about topics is more important.

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