I’ve seen the same object appear in almost the same area in the sky, at least twice. Both times were close to 3:30 am.

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The first time I saw this object was a week ago, I was outside on my patio smoking and listening to music. I’m always looking at the sky, so I noticed it pretty quickly, it looked like a really bright star that definitely wasn’t there a few min before. It’s brightness definitely got my attention, and I didn’t even think it was anything but a star until I saw it move back and forth ever so slightly. Still I figured my eyes were playing tricks, and maybe the clouds moving made it appear to move, so I watched for another 15 min, and I noticed the clouds blocking out other stars but not this one, the clouds all appeared to be behind this particular star, and then it moved again. I jumped to my feet and tried to get a somewhat closer look, my gf came to look at it too, and when she started watching it with me it made a circular movement before resting back in one spot. It totally freaked her out, and she stopped watching it and sat back down. I continued watching it for another 30 minutes or so as it bobbed around here and there, and then I saw what appeared to be at least a few dozen smaller much fainter orbs of light swirling around and “dancing” around the original object. At this point I tried to record what I was seeing but my phone camera couldn’t make out anything at all. I got my gf to look at it again to confirm all the new lights that were “dancing” around, when she saw them she got really scared and made us go inside.

Last night at 3:39 am exactly, the original bright object returned to the same spot. (I’ve been watching that spot like a fucking hawk since my first sighting) I watched it Bob around, zoom from the left to right a few times, and then dissappear and reappear a handful of times before my gf came looking for me and saw the object again, to which she promptly made us go inside. (She’s listened to me ramble on and on about aliens and ufos for 10 years at least, but something about actually seeing something like this has her really scared, and I can’t blame her too much)

So basically I’m asking for some advice here, should I keep trying to monitor this? Should I keep track of what days and times it’s appearing? I’m poor as fuck, so I can’t just go buy a better camera or phone.

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