I used to follow John Lear on Facebook before his death. In July 2020 he posted about the UAP Taskforce and NYT article and while at the time they sounded very “out there” they actually seem to line up with a lot of Grusch’s claims. See below:

“John Lear on UAP Taskforce

The Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force, Pure BS

Please let me explain what the UAPTF is all about.

More than 70 years ago the U.S. government launched a top secret investigation of UFO’s which included the recovery and sometimes burial of flying saucers of all types. The investigation was kept more secret than the development of the nuclear bomb. No elected or appointed official was ever told about the program and it was kept buried deep inside the Pentagon. President Truman was the first and last President to have been briefed in full about the program. Each subsequent President was told less and less.

Over the past 70 years this program has collected over 50 ET craft and over 100 different alien bodies and hundreds of thousands of feet of high quality film taken of the on site recoveries and included exterior and interior shots.

The recovery teams initially based in Ft. Collins were called the Blue Berets and were males with no families, no relatives and usually orphans. This was so that if there was any infraction, however slight, this team member good be eliminated and nobody would be the wiser.

The stories of the recoveries were fantastic in keeping the craft out of the sight of the public, traveling and transporting in complete secrecy, usually only at night with advance teams preparing and leading the path for recovery and clean up teams leaving the property and soil as if nothing has ever been there.

Destinations for the recovered craft were well hidden and are still in place. Some were taken to Area 51 but not many.

Area 51 (Groom Lake) was initially prepared in 1948-1948 by Seabee crews who dug several layers below the dry lake. |It was then covered up and only by sheer coincidence did Lockheed choose the exact area for the testing of the U2. This underground area was kept totally secret until the early 90’s when the original runway caved into one of the hangars underground. A second runway several hundred feet to the east was built and the original runway was not used again and the hangar repaired.

In the late 70’s more underground hangars were built under the Tonopah Test Range (Antelope Dry Lake) which connected with huge tunnels and connected with the Groom Lake and Papoose Dry Lake underground hangars.

In the early 80’s another huge, completely underground facility was built under the Paiute Mesa along with a dual runway and hangar 13 miles to the north under Gold Flat.

And by the early 2000’s all facilities, TTR, Groom Lake, Papoose and Paiute Mesa were all connected with enormous underground tunnels and hangars.

And these facilities were not the only secret facilities in Nevada. There was one to the west of Pioche, one near Ely and one near Ferber Flats in northern Nevada. And of course are probably others

Manning these facilities and keeping them secret was a major problem so a maglev high speed subway was built from under the Luxor with additional parking and terminals under Aria and Bellagio from where over 5000 workers a day are whisked to work and back in less than 20 minutes.

Very few of these workers know about the hidden ET craft in the underground hangars and most were given a false story about the existence of ET craft and their occupants. Today there are less than 40 people who know the true story of the recoveries which began in the late 30’s.

It was obvious to the Pentagon that they would have to eventually release some kind of story about UFO’s so they came up with an ingenious idea to make an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force, give it a few tic tacs, rolling bb’s and non-identifiable radar scans to the public.

The put Luiz Elizondo who knew nothing about the real recovery program and put him in contact with former Senator Reid and his friend Bob Bigelow who always had had an interest in UFO’s.

Then the Pentagon announced that they had other things to take care of and they were going to let Elizondo, Reid and Bigelow run with the UFO ball, gave them the tictac radar photos, $22 million and pretend they were going to let them run the UFO recovery show.

Meanwhile the Pentagon had over 70 years of ET artifacts, 50 craft, bodies and film carefully hidden away and safe from public scrutiny for ever.

The UATPF is just a brilliant scam perpetrated by the Pentagon to hide their deep involvement in UFO’s.

John Lear July 25, 2020”

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