Original Camp notes identified in scans relating to the very “matter-of-fact” sighting of a “luminous body about the size of a cannon ball” that came down and whirled 40-50 times before moving away horizontally.

Link to scanned notes provided. Over 500 people were encamped this evening. 1 source says 515 people; another one states 529 people. Names of the families involved are scanned and available within the same link.

This is a secondary post on the information provided to correct the year and provide actual diary notes of camp scribe. Just thought it was cool to find and share the handwritten notes of the Camp minutes and journal. Specific experience between the red brackets, in cursive.

Translated to print:

Some time in the night a luminous body about the size of a cannon ball came down from over the encampment near the ground then whirled round some forty or fifty times and moved off in a hori-zontal direction soon passing out of sight



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